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Catfish Business is Profitable if you stock the right Fingerlings or Juvenile. Good feeding method is a very good way to determine Profits. For Quality Catfish Fingerlings, Juvenile, Post Of all Kinds. Visit Us at Food Defense initiative.


Food Defense initiative (Healthy fish) 

Production Date 20/02/2021

We are currently selling healthy and fast growing seed ...

Please NOTE: 

✅A healthy fish is a fast growing fish 

✅A healthy fish is cost effective

✅A healthy fish has a better  feed conversion ratio ( this means that you give lesser feed to attain more weight gain hence you spend less and make more money  )

Call in for your fingerlings ,post fingerlings and Juveniles

Specie : Clarias Garipinus 

Call: 09045825446

Watsapp  :08134207567

Location;  27 All Believer Street Idoro road Uyo,Akwa  Ibom ...

Thank you!

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Food Defense Initiative is an out grower of Organic agro-entrepreneur experts into mechanized farming system in a uniform and regimented system.

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